Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Grown Acustomed to the Sound of Silence

What is it with music? So much of it is annoying. I was driving in my car today and I scanned through the entire radio frequency twice searching for a song I wanted to listen to. Nothing, I turned the radio off. This is not the first time I've gone through this routine. It happens all the time.

OK, I'm not really moved by mainstream pop music and today's country music, for the most part, is pop music with a twang. The old time country music is nothing but twang and all the lyrics make me have to pull over and... Well, let's just leave it at that.

So given my musical preferences, I'm not expecting dozens of radio stations to be playing something that's intriguing to me, but am I so odd that nobody is creating music that appeals to me or, if they are, no station is willing to play it because there's not enough of an audience? Some of the things I hear while scanning are so annoying I have to wonder who could possibly be listening to it; how could there be a large enough market for that stuff and no market for something I would like?

Some people believe they were born at the wrong time, that they might have functioned better in a different era. Me, sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong world.

With the vast number of people inhabiting the planet and the many and varied cultures somewhere someone has to be creating sounds that will communicate to me.

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