Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thoughts and Ideas

I have so many ideas that come to my mind, but they rarely come to me while I'm at the computer and I usually don't carry around a note pad to record them. Frequently these ideas come to me while I'm driving and it would be impossible to write them down without pulling over to the side of the road. I must start carrying a note pad though.

I was reading some comments last night by Ray Bradbury about his work. He indicated he didn't really create his stories and ideas they just came to him and he would then work to get them recorded. He mentioned how even as a young boy he loved words and ideas and this has carried him through the sixty plus years of his work. He talked about how he wrote as a youth and as he looks back on it how awful his work was and that he didn't really have any talent. He developed through continuing to write because he loved recording his ideas.

I guess I come late to things. I have had a love of words and ideas for the last twenty years or so, but it seems so hard for me to organize my thoughts and get them recorded; when I look back on what little I have recorded my writing seems awful. Still I have this love for words and communication and sharing ideas and it just keeps surfacing in my mind. I must record what I am thinking, even disjointed little snippets of ideas. If I can get them recorded then I have at least a better chance of organizing them into something.

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